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data dictionaries

HealthCare.gov and the Case of the Missing Interface Requirements

Interface requirements have taken centre-stage with the launch of the federal government’s online marketplace for insurance: Healthcare.gov. As eager enrollees rushed to access the new website, they saw first-hand what happens when a system developed by more than 50 different contractors lacks detailed definition of the data passing between systems. …

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RML® Model 4 – Data Dictionary

When creating a data dictionary, it is critical not to design with it.  You should not be attempting to create a database nor should you be showing the relationships of data.  This will be a detailed description of the data involved in your project.  It will also be one of …

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Don’t Use Models

Number 3 in the series, “How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot: 7 ways to do software requirements poorly to set your project up for failure and what to do instead.” Short-change Time Spent on Software Requirements or Don’t do Them at All Don’t Listen to Your Customer’s Needs Don’t …

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How To Choose A Software Requirements Model

Do you find that you’re always trying to use process flows on your projects, but they just don’t seem to fit your needs? Do you need to start modeling requirements, but can’t quite decide what models to use? There are quite a few requirements models out there to choose from, …

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Requirements Model 4 – The Data Dictionary

Data dictionaries have been around for quite a long time. I have a book on analysis that was written in 1979 that covers them in great detail. Unfortunately, most of the techniques in that text focus on how to collate and manage the data rather than what data to include. …

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