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Change Management

When Agile Transformations Fail

For all the excitement we see around the adoption of agile methodologies, and the positive effect it can have on product delivery, there are some reports which show that companies are struggling with agile. In 2012, Voke conducted a survey of over 200 companies and found that 64% found their …

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Advantages of using a requirements management tool

I’ve been coaching teams within the requirements space for the better part of the year now. Teams typically use many differing ways to manage requirements. Some teams use email, Excel, and Box. Other teams simply meet all the time to write everything down in Word, or are always within an …

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How to start Agile coming from Waterfall

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I have been coaching teams for the better part of the year now. The vast majority of these teams are trying out a type of agile methodology, coming from a waterfall SDLC. Below are a few pointers to help those out who are embarking …

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Effecting Change in a Large Company

At this point in my career, I’ve been on a few projects that seem to have a large change management component. It took some time to realize the weight and gravity of the change management component and to really take it seriously enough to devote a significant part of a …

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Agile is a Cultural Revolution

Agile is often spoken of a development methodology along the lines of “Agile is a development methodology; other common development methodologies are Waterfall, Iterative, etc.”  This is akin to saying something like “Weightlifting is a means of keeping fit; other common techniques to stay fit are aerobics, swimming, running, walking, …

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Let’s Have a Difficult Conversation

No one wants to have a conversation that is going to be uncomfortable, potentially make himself seem difficult to work with, or put pressure on either party in the conversation, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Or is it? I have been witness to several projects lately that grossly underestimated the …

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