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Another Use for BDDs: Deriving UAT Test Scenarios

Many of my fellow colleagues on this here blog have already commented on the value of the Business Data Diagram or BDD.  Those of you familiar with ERDsor Entity Relationship Diagrams should recognize the BDD.  The key difference between the ERD and the BDD is that BDDs are not intended to represent either the logical [...]

Career Progression for Business Analysts

This is an excerpt from a discussion on about the Real world examples of BA career progression. Idevanoff, Thanks for listing these, however I am already aware of each and everyone one of these proposed career moves. I’ve read about them endlessly and to me they sound like something a BA Apologist would come [...]

Don’t Use Models

Number 3 in the series, “How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot: 7 ways to do software requirements poorly to set your project up for failure and what to do instead.” Short-change Time Spent on Software Requirements or Don’t do Them at All Don’t Listen to Your Customer’s Needs Don’t use models Use weasel words [...]

Live from BA World Seattle: Business Objectives Talk

I just presented our talk at BA World Seattle titled “If You Build It, Will They Use It: Leveraging Business Objectives to Deliver Successful Projects”. I particularly enjoy giving this talk for some reason, maybe because the concept is so simple yet so new to most folks. I had some interesting questions from the group during [...]

Join us at BA World in Seattle

We will be at BA World in Seattle this week, come join us! If you missed Joy’s presentation in Minneapolis titled,’ If You Build It, Will They Use It?’ She will be presenting this  tomorrow at 10:15am at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront. To register or get more information. She will be answering questions after the [...]

Interface Design vs Requirements

Design has never been one of my strong points.  When I was picking out paint for my new home I assumed that if I liked the color, then it would work on the wall.  Didn’t turn out to be true.  Same goes for my requirements.  Just because my mock-up screen had a cornflower blue tint [...]

Live from BA World Minneapolis

Ted and I are at BA World Minneapolis meeting some of my favorite folks – midwesterners!  Our topic today is “If you build it, will they use it?” where I describe the necessity to capture good business objectives and use them to control the scope of your project. We go through a specific methodology that [...]

Building Trust with Users – Be An Advocate

One of the key Roles that a Requirements Analyst plays is defining and managing the scope of a project.  Of all the tasks we perform, this is one that is fraught with all manner of complications and one that is most often mismanaged.  The Seilevel ROM Framework provides excellent tools and methodology for ensuring that [...]

Seilevel Blog Maintenance

We experienced some major problems with our and our blog  this weekend. We had issues with all of the blog posts from May 23rd to-date  and we lost all of the wonderful comments that were associated with those posts. If you would like to resubmit your comment please do so. We are sorry for the [...]

Working in Waterfall – What I miss about Agile

I’ve been working on a large project for the past several months; our customer has purchased an application that they are customizing for their environment.  The vendor has chosen to work in a waterfall manner…gather all of the requirements first, review then freeze the requirements once approved, and then they will move on to design/development, [...]