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Reqlish: Part I: English Usage and Syntax for Software Requirements

Justin Burrows says:Hey James. I got a sooooooooooooper dorky idea: Let’s do our blog post on Requirements English (I’m calling it Reqlish) over Skype. *Justin Burrows is pleased with himself * James Hulgan says:LOL. Alright, ready set go. Justin Burrows says:We’re brought up to mind our p’s and q’s, but is good English really suited [...]

The One Thing You Need To Be A Team Player

Mike A’s earlier post on being useful, Thomas the Tank Engine on Software Requirements, brought to mind thoughts I’ve had about what it means to be a team player. What Mike defines as being useful, I consider a top characteristic of a team player—doing what is best for the team to succeed on the project. [...]

Who Does Your Consultant Work For?

There is an interesting article by Robert Cringely at about IT consultants. I disagree with the categorization of types of consultants however the article is interesting because he mentions the following case: “What led me to write this column were the troubles of a local company here in Charleston — American LaFrance, the storied [...]

What Oprah Can Teach You About Software Requirements

My wife’s a fan of the Oprah Winfrey Show (yes, I’ve been known to watch it from time to time myself). A few days ago, my wife told me about a woman who was on the show. The woman was telling Oprah about her philosophy that people only ever have good intentions, even when they’re [...]