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Adventures in Data Mapping

I’ve done a lot of data mapping lately. Seriously. In the past eight months or so, my work life has been taken over by a seemingly endless stream of data mapping between interfaces for a credit adjudication system. This was an overwhelming amount of work for me at first. As …

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Getting Requirements from Business Processes

Over the years, I’ve found that one of the most effective methods for identifying and eliciting requirements is to walk stakeholders through the current state of their business processes, or to work through their current documentation. What I almost always find is that the documentation contains holes, and that no …

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Total Agile – Part 1

Having spent the past 3 years working with clients who are going through the transition to Agile, I have observed some of the associated challenges and pain and developed a few opinions along the way. The biggest barrier that I’ve observed to successful Agile is the organization’s overall structure and …

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