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Role of the Product Owner in Agile Methodologies

As we see more and more companies abandon the waterfall methodology, as it has resulted in pitting business and technology counterparts against each other, we see ways in which companies are trying to fill the roles in an agile methodology. Typically I’ve seen Product Managers or BAs get thrown into …

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Five Steps for Typo-Free Requirements

Have you ever clicked the submit button on a project and immediately afterward noticed a glaring, stomach-dropping, panic-inducing typo in your work? The consequences of delivering sloppy work can be dire, especially in the world of requirements where attention to detail is so important! If your stakeholders find errors, the …

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Recruiting and Software Requirements Connect

Recruiting season is underway and Seilevel as usual is going out looking for the best and brightest, and as we start looking for clever young graduates I started thinking about the perspective of an interviewer and interviewee. Either as an interviewer or interviewee you are ultimately targeting the same objective, which is …

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