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December, 2007

Context, Please

Imagine I told you “Go do 5125558679”. I bet you’d be a bit perplexed. On the other hand, if I told you “Please call Tom at 512-555-8679 and give him an update on the project status,” you’d have a decent idea what to do. And, if I handed you a …

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Productivity Tips

There’s a thread on the Seilevel Message Board, Stupid Analyst Tricks, in which people are sharing nifty little productivity tips. Check it out.

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The Seilevel 2007 Holiday Medley

From our Holiday Newsletter: Back by popular demand, we have new holiday songs! For the 2006 songs, check here holiday songs. Let it Go Oh the product release is frightful, But our status is so delightful, And since there’s no need for woe, Let It Go! Let It Go! Let …

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Projects are Too Big

A big challenge in requirements are today is that projects are often too big. So my immediate reaction when talking about this with coworkers was to form an image in my head of a little guy (think Ziggy) standing in front of a 3 story wall that’s about 60 feet …

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The Odd Couple

Remember the play, movie and/or TV show The Odd Couple? The main characters were Felix and Oscar, two recently-divorced men who were sharing an apartment. Their marital status was just about the only thing they had in common. Felix was a neat-freak – everything in its proper place, neat and …

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Agile Requirements – The use case narrative

Last month I wrote about Agile Requirements and a concept called GRIT or Great Requirements in Total. The idea behind GRIT is that it is important to deliver great requirements models along with great working software. GRIT recognizes that software is a product, not a project, and should be managed …

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Using PDAs for Requirements Gathering

I heard a talk at RE07 called Exploring Scenario Forms and Ways of Use to Discover Requirements on Airports that Minimize Environmental Impact by Maiden, N., Ncube, C., Kamali, S., Seyff, N. and Grünbacher, P. First I want to say that hands down, Neil Maiden gets my vote on best …

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