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July, 2007

Seilevel’s Requirements Management Tool Selection

Over the spring, we took on a new project to identify a best of breed requirements management tool to use when our customers are not using sufficient tools. Since the thing we do is requirements….well, you won’t find it too surprising to hear that we defined requirements for a requirements …

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Are you listening?

Requirements elicitation is fundamentally about communication. We gather requirements from people who know what is needed or can help us figure it out. There are other ways to find requirements but elicitation is the most effective way in most cases and is almost certainly a significant part of the requirements …

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A Hard Truth

A business owner and I were prioritizing requirements for a product release. Among them were the performance requirements. He did not want to give them high priority, fearing untold hours would be spent on performance. He needs a breadth of the features delivered. My fear was that no consideration would …

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The Value of Peer Reviews

You’re near the end of a long requirements phase, you’ve been working 60+ hours a week, and the project manager is pressuring you to deliver a final deliverable. So you do a quick spell check and proof read, and then toss it over for final review to business, development, test, …

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Using questionnaires to gather requirements

When working with a large user population (hundreds or thousands) you will typically want to sample the population to do in depth interviews. But how do you know that the information that you gather is representative of the population as a whole? One way to get this information is to …

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Requirements in time critical projects

I read another interesting article, Requirements Engineering for Time-to-Market Projects (requires IEEE access) by Christopher McPhee and Dr. Armin Eberlein. This article talks about what techniques work best for critical Time-to-Market (TTM) projects. We’ve all had projects that were “urgent”, in fact most projects we work on are, so I …

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Agile Development

Someone asked me the other day about agile development. Should we do it? Can we reduce the time we spend on requirements if we are doing agile development? Is it only good for some kinds of projects? If you’re reading this blog there is a good chance you know about …

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A Strawman Workflow for Requirements Change Management

A Strawman Workflow for Requirements Change Management One of things we are asked to do on almost every project is provide guidance on defining the workflow for managing the changes that inevitably occur to the requirements that the team has worked so hard to capture and document. After doing this …

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