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The Curse of Knowledge: Part 1

Unsurprisingly, the idea of knowledge as a curse seems counterintuitive. In an information-based industry like requirements analysis, how could knowledge be considered anything other than positive? The answer involves cognitive biases–more specifically, the “tendency to acquire and process information by filtering it through one’s own likes, dislikes, and experiences.” The curse …

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Visualizing data in the RAW

During the search for a better, easier ways to create images to represent software concepts, I’ve come across a few tools that do a good job creating basic, official-looking graphs. Many of these tools offer teaser trials in hopes of inducing you to buy a full featured version. Not so …

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Challenges of Being a Young Consultant

Being a consultant can sometimes be awkward. You get to a client site, and you are expected to work with brand new people who you may have never met. These people do not know your skill-set, they’ve never seen your work or heard your reasoning, and in some cases they …

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