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Common Issues in Agile Delivery

As more of our customers are transitioning to agile and we work on more agile projects, we’ve identified a set of common issues that can hinder a team’s ability to deliver value with the agile cadence. These issues are focused on agile delivery and less on issues with agile transformation …

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Modeling the Atom

One of my many odd hobbies is an abiding interest in and passion for science, particularly the quirky, mind-boggling world of physics. For light bedtime reading, I keep a copy of Feynman’s Six Easy Pieces on my nightstand. Yeah, I’m a geek. However, most of physics isn’t so ‘easy’ to …

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Agile is a Cultural Revolution

Agile is often spoken of a development methodology along the lines of “Agile is a development methodology; other common development methodologies are Waterfall, Iterative, etc.”  This is akin to saying something like “Weightlifting is a means of keeping fit; other common techniques to stay fit are aerobics, swimming, running, walking, …

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