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3 Pitfalls of Offshore Development Teams

Working as a software product manager is always challenging, but working with offshore development teams presents unique challenges and pitfalls. The key is to understand the pitfalls and do your best to avoid them, because for better or for worse offshore development is here to stay. So let’s cut to …

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Finding a New Apartment: Part I

After college, most people find a job and move into a new apartment. Well, after finding a job as a requirements analyst, the next thing I needed to do was find a new place to live. However, I had one slight problem. I was trying to find a new place …

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Product Roadmaps for Internal Software Products

When I was a product manager for a commercial software company, one of the things that we regularly created was product roadmaps. These were tied to the vision for the product, and how we thought we could reach that vision. All requests to change our product were evaluated against our …

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