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Scrumism: “Scrum is Infectious”

So one of the cool things about Scrum is that it is fun to do.  If you are an engineer, you got into the field because you like to build shiny things and see them work.  Scrum lets you concentrate on a small increment, get it done and working, and …

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Taking the Kobayashi Maru

Have you ever been on a project that seemed impossible? Have you ever felt that the outcome of a project, no matter what you did, would result in failure?   I found myself thinking like this a few months back. The project had completely unrealistic deadlines set by executives. The …

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Use Cases in an Agile World

When I first started to learn about Agile and Scrum, I learned about the User Story and I immediately asked, “Is a User Story the same thing as a Use Case?” I was told that it was not but the people I was talking to could not really tell me …

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